Friday, September 13, 2013

Big Weekend for Carter

Carter's had a weekend of firsts:

Saturday was his FIRST soccer game where he scored his FIRST goal!  It was so fun to watch him play. And he wore his soccer uniform for the next three days. Literally.  The look on his face after he scored his goal was sooo adorable.  A moment of time I hope to always remember. I was so grateful to be there, normally I work on Saturday mornings, but-my morning clients canceled their sessions, giving me just enough time to be there for his first game and goal.  I feel like I was given a tender mercy.

On Sunday, Carter gave his FIRST talk in church. He was awesome and not shy at all.  He was asked to talk on how Heavenly Father answers our prayers, and I think he learned a thing or two.  The next day, Carter spontaneously prayed 3-4 different times.  In one of those prayers, he prayed for the rain to stop and was very happy when it did an hour later....I think he's a believer. =)  (We recorded his talk after church that day but I am having a really hard time uploading videos to my blog or You Tube...grrr)

August 24th & 25th, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

True Pig Tails

Avenly's hair is getting longer...but still not long enough for a true set of pigtails, but I tried anyway!  It didn't last for too long, but it was cute for the 5 minutes it lasted.

August 23, 2013

Just a Day's Work

The day is finally here and Carter's soccer season has officially begun! He had his first soccer practice today and his first soccer game on Saturday. I might be more excited about this then he is, but I really try to hide it. :)

And Miss Avenly...she didn't get a very good nap today so by the end of Carter's practice she was pretty tired, but bedtime was just two hours away, so I made the decision to keep her awake those few hours. During those hours I had planned to have dinner, have family home evening, and mow the lawn and I was determined.

I don't know whether to say Avenly mowed the lawn for her first time tonight, or brag that I mowed .31 acres with one hand because I was carrying Avenly the whole time...seriously. She was sooo tired. She just walked behind me crying so hard. I laid her down to sleep and she screamed and screamed like never before. I fed her dinner. She ate, but that didn't change anything. Finally after I was halfway through, I remembered my baby sling. That would at least help I figured. And for the rest of the ride, she sat, quietly in the sling, finally falling asleep near the end. And yes, it was dark by that point.

After this experience, I think maybe, if I was asked to do it, I could walk across the plains, because I imagine it would be similar --at least as hot and sweaty-- to mowing the lawn with one hand while carrying a 15-month old. Makes me wonder if pioneer women made baby slings?

August 21, 2013

County Fair

I have been wanting to take Carter to a carnival/fair for a few years now to test out his courage on the rides.  We finally made it to the county fair this year.  Our first priority was the rides.  We showed Carter all the rides and let him choose a few to ride on.  He choose 2 merry-go-ride-esque rides (boring). We compromised on the roller coaster and the motorcycle merry-go-ride.  Carter was the only one on the ride and a little shy about looking at us (maybe he realized it was a lame ride...ha ha).  Finally, near the end of the ride, we convinced him to put his hands in the air and we got a glimpse of a smile!

Carter was less shy about the roller coaster ride and totally loved the Children's Tents where he got to see- but would not touch -tarantulas, spiders, and scorpions.  I wouldn't touch them either, so I don't blame him.  And the 3-Little-Monkey's tent has some really fun toys.  Carter was only persuaded away from the sandbox by the vacuum like tubes that sucked balls across the roof of the tent.

Avenly was there too.... =)  She enjoyed the fair from her stroller and had lots of fun cheering Carter on for his first rock climbing experience-which he was awesome at! And when he broke a board with a newly learned karate chop.  I have videos of both but can't seem to get either to load...bummer.

The very best part about going to the county fair was being with Nate, Carter and Avenly.  This summer has kept Nate busier than ever, and I had to weasel my way in to get a Saturday night all together, one of a few this summer, and definitely cherished!

August 17, 2013

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sleepover Pup Tents

Ever since we moved into our new home, Carter has been begging for a sleep over. And, my brother's family has been getting their home ready to sell all summer. So I got the great idea to help my brother and his wife out by taking their kids away for a few days, accomplishing two goals in one move-Yeah, I multitask like that. :-)
I had one niece and one nephew for two nights and on the last night we had my other brother's kids come stay over. 5 extra kids total, ages ranged from 3-11. Yeah, I'm over ambitious like that. :-)
For the most part it was fun. We saw The Croods at the dollar movie, made our own ice cream in a bag and our own pizzas, and we attempted a hike (that's a whole other story).
Mostly though, I'm excited about the pup tents Nate made for each of the kids to sleep in. We also took them outside too provide some shade the next day. I love that Nate was as  excited about the idea as I was and whipped them out like they were nothing. (PS, we found the pup tent idea on pinterest and it came from here.)
Now we just have to organize the garage so the tents can go there. The garage: our final frontier in our new home.
July 31 to August 3, 2013

Thank you for the awesomeness

Carter one night prayed "thank you for the awesomeness." Nate and I smiled at each other but said nothing. Carter said it again a few days later and I commented about it to a friend that was with us. Now Carter says it in most prayers, and while it's not as cute as it was the first few times, I still love it. And then I found this picture on pinterest and figured out Carter is really saying thank you for my mom, so it's back to being super cute that he thanks Heavenly Father for the awesomeness.

Lawn Swallows Children

Disclaimer: Our home was empty for three years before we bought it this past February. Because of that, our lawn was 'one summer away from needing to be replaced' per the many lawn care professionals who *had* to stop at my door this last spring.
But we've been able to keep our lawn green and bring back the grass in many of the bald, dead-looking spots. We just have not been the best at keeping up with the mowing. But, it's progress right?
Sunday night we were out talking with some neighbors when their kids buried Carter in the very tall weeds. Maybe we should put more attention to mowing the lawn...we might lose a kid out there. :-)
July 28, 2013

Hair Envy

For a girl who was born nearly bald, Avenly sure has some beautiful auburn hair with natural curls-everything I wish my hair was! I love it. :)

Fishing with Dad

Carter has a few charts that we use to help him do what he needs to, as well as rewarding him. This week one of his rewards from his "listen and obey" chart was fishing with Dad, except we all went. :)
While at the Kaysville Pond we fished next to a cute family, Dad and his five kids. And of course, Carter made instant friends with the boy his age, like he always does. Carter was more interested in his new friends then the fishing and was pretty disappointed when they left.
He also didn't have the patience to wait for a fish to bite, nor did he want us to leave until he caught one. Thankfully, Dad snagged a blue gill and let Carter bring it in. Carter really wanted to keep it, but sorry buddy, this momma doesn't like fish so much. :)
August 10, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Practice What I Preach

In June I attended a training session for TF-CBT, a very effective method for treating children who have experienced trauma. Part of the model includes teaching parenting skills when the children begin to act out, but these skills are also useful for children not responding to trauma. The irony in this story is the timing of the trainng in my life...

Long story short(er), the night before the training, Carter and I got into the ultimate battle of wills. He resisted every method we've used in the past, he laughed at my attempts to discipline his refusal to be obedient, and I found myself getting so angry at him that I could have hurt him...and that confession is so scary and very difficult to make. Determined to "win" the battle and protect my son, I sent Carter to bed and boxed up *every.single.item* in his room that wasn't attached to the wall.

Guess what, in the end, he still won the battle. For the next week or more, Carter never showed disappointment for the loss of any of his toys. He had plenty of fun playing with friends and letting his imagination run wild with whatever item he adopted as a toy.

The irony: had I been practicing what I preach to my clients' parents, this battle of wills would never have happened! I felt so awkward at the training the day after our fight as the instructors reminded me of these basic parenting skills. And I decided it was time to put these skills in place at my home, so I could be more effective with my children and in my work.

I started small with active praising and ignoring while I took a few weeks to pull together a behavior chart that worked for our family. It was only a matter of days once I put it all into place that our home life was so much smoother. We only had to use time-out once the entire week! I told my parents "a miracle has happened at our house this week."

In coming posts, I'll write about the specifics that made the miracle because maybe someone else will find this who needs a little reminder of parenting basics as well.

The picture is if my cute boy, so proud of his tower of cups he made while unloading the dishwasher. He did his own hair, gel and all, and dressed himself...all without a fight.

July 22, 2013